Teaching –Learning Centre (TLC)

Teaching - Learning Centers are independent academic units within the college/ university that exist to provide support services for faculty, to help teaching faculty to improve their teaching and professional development. They provide learning support services for students and also in carrying out several Faculty Development  Programmes (FDPs) and Teaching Assistant (TA) training programs.    

The following team of faculty members are nominated in establishing the Teaching-Learning center in Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi. A separate hall is earmarked as Teaching learning center (TLC) in the Civil block with teaching aids. 

1. Thiru.C.Subramanian  Asst.Professor CIVIL 9842081484 csk285@gmail.com

2. Tmt.C. Vennila          Asst.Professor EEE   9692377320 c.vennila@yahoo.com

3. Dr.A.Athijayamani      Asst.Professor MECH 9865906160  athimania@rediffmail.com

4. Thiru.C.Mahendran      Asst.Prof   ECE  9486272301 mahendrangc@gmail.com