Important Instruction to Candidates Applying for Lateral Entry Admission – 2015


  1. Community Certificate : CC
  1. Only either permanent card or Electronic Form / Digitally Signed e-certificate will be accepted.
  2. Community certificate issued in paper format is not valid.

Note: Students with CC in paper format should approach the Taluk office for issue of community certificate in permanent card form / e-certificate.

  1. Community certificate issued by competent authorities only will be accepted.


  1. No Graduate Certificate
  1. No Graduate Certificate, only in electronic form / e-certificate will be accepted from the year 2015-2016 onwards.
  2. As per format issued in G.O. (Ms) No.85, Higher Education (J2) Department, Dated: 14.06.2010, the No Graduate certificate shall list all family members of one generation (at least 7 members including the applicant) with suitable remarks under educational qualification.
  3. The joint declaration form should also be in digital form.


  1. Nativity Certificate
  1. Nativity certificate only in electronic form will be accepted.
  2. For admission purposes, Nativity of the father only will be considered if both parents are alive. If only one of the parents is alive, the Nativity of surviving parent will be considered. If both parents are not alive, the Nativity of the guardian will be considered.
  3. Nativity certificate should bear the clause “is native of”. Certificates issued with clause” is residing at” without the clause “is native of” will not be considered.

Sd. /- Praveen Kumar

Principal Secretary /

Commissioner of Technical Education