The college library has an adequate collection of 43,000 regular books, 14,738 for SC/ST book bank, 1344 books puchased ubder TEQIP and 741 for general book bank housed in a separate library building with all amenities. About 100 journals and magazines are purchased regularly. E-Library has been set up separately. CDs are available for students reference. Library is connected with campuswide networking programme. all Government holidays are holidays for the Library.

    Library has been fully automised. Computerised library service (issue and return of books) has been introduces from the academic year 2008-2009. OPAC(Online Public Access Catalogue) has been made available for staff and students's use. The entire library databases are made available in all the deapartments. The students and staff members can searchg any book, by title, by author, by publisher wise, etc., even from their departments bu using OPAC through the following URL http:\\Opac\index.asp. They camn also verify their account (about the books taken by them) through OPAC. The students may use their roll user ID and password. 852 CDs are made available in the digital library section for students and staff reference.

    Under  TEQIP- Phase-II, the library is modernised aityh Anna-Edu SAT facility, Virtual Class room interaction and improving Digital Library activities through NPTEL and MOOC, and became a member instituition in (http:\ Developing Library Network(DELNET).

    Free Gate books available under library promotioned scheme and GATE E book through


  1. Open access system (ie., a borrower is permitted to have access to the stock room) is followed.
  2. Strict silence should be observed in the library.
  3. When a book is borrowed it must be immediately examined carefully for damage. If any, noted should be brought to the notice of the librarian at once. If the borrower fails to do so, he is liable to be held responsible for  the damage. Students must keep the borrowed books neatly. Photocopying of text books is strictly prohibited.
  4. Books can be retained for a maximum of 14 days. A fine of 50paise per working day will be levied in respect of books returned late upto a maximum of 28 days.
  5. If the books are not returned even after 28 days of default, it will be persumed that the student has lost the book and accordingly double\thrice the cost of the book will be recovered without giving any notice.
  6. If any book is reported to be lost, the borrower should replace the lost one by a new book of the latest edition. If he is not able to make a replacement then doublke the original ost of the lost book in tha case of books purchased within 8 years prior to the loss or thrice the original cost of book if the book was purchased earlier will be recovered from the borrower.
  7. Books borrowed from the library are not transferable.
  8. Books will not be issued during the summer vacation. All the students are requires to return the books before they proceed on vacation. Final semester students will be issued no dues certificate only after they return the books and surrender the library tickets on the eve of the commencement of theory examinations.
  9. Students should not write anything or make any marking or in any way damage the books and periodicals belonging to the library.
  10. There is a separate reference section for books newspapers and periodicals.
  11. Books and journals in the reference section will not be issued for study at home under any circumstances.
  12. Students who have not cleared their dues or against whom there are other dues pending  will not be allowed to borrow books.
  13. Books, files and other personal belongings be left in the shelf provided for the purpose at the risk of the users. Users who enter the reference section will be allowed to carry loose sheets only for taking notes, Books, Notebooks or files of any kind will not be allowed inside.
  14. Severe disciplinary actions will be taken against those who contravene these rules.
  15. Books will be issued to the students only on the production of the identity cards. In exceptional cases the students should satisfactorily be identified by the librarian.
  16. Any matter not covered above will be soley decided by the principal.



  • The college central library has an adequate area of 1075 Sq.m with all amenities and facilities.
  • About 60992 books in30218 titles are available in the central library.
  • More than 100 Journals and Magazines are subscribed regularly.
  • Book Bank Facility for SC/ST Students with 15000 books.
  • Library has been fully automized and OPAC(Online Public Access Catalog) service is made available in the library and in the departments connected through intranet.
  • TechFocuz Digital Library version 4.0 has been fully automized in the library and in the department connected through internet.
  • Digital library has been separately setup and 20 computer systems are made available with internet connection.
  • Open access system is followed in the library.
  • Kiosks system (Touch Screen) is available in the library for getting an information instantly.
  • Anna-EduSAT facility.
  • Virtual class room facility
  • A seven member team has been managing and maintaining the library.
  • The library timing is 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

Books and Journals

No Category 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013
    Titles Volumes Titles Volumes Titles
1 Books - General Section 326 1249 2 3 378
2 Book bank (SC/ST) - - - - -
3 TEQIP - - -
4 Journals and Magazines 102 105 105
No.of Books Issued
1 General Section 24300 24300 22150
2 Book bank (SC/ST) 1610 1580 1600


Library Book Details

Sections Titles No.of Volumes
General 23037 44910
Book Bank (SC/ST) 6788 14738
TEQIP 393 1344
Total 30218 60992

Total Number of Titles - 30812

Total Number of Volumes - 60992


Branch wise Details

Branch No.of Titles No.of Volumes
Civil 5463 10437
Mechanical 5204 9728
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 5555 11245
Electronics and Comunication Engineering 5943 12545
Computer Science and Engineering 5142 10888
Science and Humanities 2911 6157
TOTAL 30218 60992

Text and Reference CDs - 852

Journals and Magazines - 105